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October 12th, 2011

Daily Photo – The Cat with a Thousand Hideouts

My cat, Sunshine, is a cat of varied tastes. For as long as she lived with us, she has never settled in one particular place for long. I am not an experienced cat owner. I’ve only had a cat for two years, because before that, I used to be deathly allergic to them. For some reason, my allergy to cats (though not anything else) went away. So I don’t really know that much about cats, having been a dog owner all my life.

But since Sunshine came into our family (as a rescue kitty), she spent a lot of time outdoors, but due to some trauma is now an indoor cat. Throughout that time, though, whether out or in, she spent a lot of time just lying around… but always in a different spot, from day to day. She seems to love a place to death for a few days… and then it is out and she’s on to the next great spot. She only has so many spots though, so sooner or later, what was out is back in again.

We can’t figure it out, but it seems to work for her. Currently, she spend a lot of time in proximity to me. Her favorite spot of the moment is the very top shelf in my office closet, which is open shelving. She squeezes into a small space, but will stay there for hours. Here’s a picture of her in her hideaway spot:

Sunshine the cat in the closet

Sunshine up high