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October 12th, 2011

I Love to Cook!

I love to cook!One of my greatest pleasures in life has always been cooking, but especially the last few years, when I’ve had a partner who is truly willing to try anything… and cheer me on while I’m doing it. Truly, my husband is the best audience for my cooking that any wannabe chef could ever have. :)

My love affair with cooking began in childhood. I lived with a mother who loved to entertain and cook wonderful meals, plus was just a good cook even everyday. My grandmother also lived with us, and from her I learned to be fearless in my cooking adventures.

As a young married woman in the late 70s, I experimented with the fads of the times, from stir fry to fondue. My first husband was a fairly good audience too, except for his dislike of both ham and cheese, two of my favorite foods. But when we got divorced, cooking — except in its most basic form — kind of fell by the wayside. As a single mom with a burgeoning management career, I just didn’t have much time to cook. Add to that my daughters’ increasingly limited palettes, and my desire to experiment went largely out the window.

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