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October 10th, 2011

About Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms

Inspiration comes in many forms

I am a person who is always in search of inspiration. I think it’s one of the things that makes me… well, me. I have always been like this. I love to learn new things, to get ideas from others and to widen my horizons. I grew up in a rural area with a small town, rather parochial mentality. Then I went away to a mega college and experienced so many new cultures and other things that it changed my life forever. I met my future (first) husband in college and ended up moving to his hometown area near Philadelphia, which was another eye-opening experience. So, in a few short years after leaving rural New York, I was a much different person.

I read a book once when I was having a career crisis that described a certain type of person they called a “Quester”. I can’t even tell you what book it was at this point, but the basic premise is that these questers are constantly seeking something… answers, information, new meaning to their lives. It resonated with me, because it described me to a T. At that point in time, I was trying to find my place in the world, when my career in home health management imploded.

Now, when I am so content in what I do business/career-wise, I still am questing… often to find spiritual meaning in my life… or just to find better ways to live my life.

I’ll be writing about my many inspirations in the pages of this blog as time goes on, but today I wanted to talk about my inspiration for even starting this blog.

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