October 24th, 2011

Mmm… Good New York Style Pizza at Guido’s

When I lived in southern NJ for 30 years, we took good pizza for granted. It seemed there was a pizza shop in every little strip mall. Of course, some of the best pizza could be found “down the shore”… or for non-Delaware Valley folk… at the seashore coastal town in NJ, on the boardwalk. But since we moved west, it’s been a lot harder to find the kind of good pizza we love.

Thin crust… dripping with sauce (and yes, grease), tons of flavor, lots of cheese… that’s what makes good pizza… oh, and huge slices that are easier eaten when folded in half lengthwise (though that’s a habit I never adopted).

One day after we’d lived in Boise for a couple of years, we tried a little place only a mile or two from our house that claimed to have “NY style pizza”. Our first time it wasn’t too good, but we tried it again a few months later and it was fabulous!

So today’s picture is of Jim, my hubby, sitting outside on their patio, indulging in delicious pizza after a Zumba workout. Yumm!

Jim eating pizza at Guido's

Jim eating pizza at Guido's

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