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October 17th, 2011

Picture of a Big, Old Maple Tree

Four years ago, I moved into an older home, built in the late 70s. It’s not a great house… it’s aging, the rooms are small, the backyard is a bit run down. Definitely NOT the house of my dreams. But it had one great thing going for it… it was the closest house we could afford to the Boise Greenbelt. It’s a mere 10-minute brisk walk or 5-minute bike ride. And once you reach the Greenbelt, you can go for miles along the Boise River, glorying in nature, exercising your body… or whatever else you want to do.

Some of our family members couldn’t understand why we wanted to live here. But we knew what we wanted and we have not regretted our location for one instant in the last 4 years. But besides location, we also have this big old maple tree pictured below. It’s a wonderful tree with a huge wingspan and it makes the house!

Big Old Maple Tree

Our Big Old Maple Tree in the Front Yard

October 14th, 2011

Daily Photo – Autumn Is Coming… Slowly

Autumn is making a bit of late arrival in Boise this year. All the seasons are skewed. Spring seemed to go on forever, making summer start late, and now summer doesn’t want to let go either.  But the last couple of weeks, we’ve started to have cooler weather, especially at night and so today, I saw my first sign of fall in the changing colors of the foliage. It’s a start…

Autumn is coming to Boise

Autumn is coming to Boise

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