October 8th, 2011

My 101 Goals in 1001 Days

I’ve joined the 101 things challenge! It was so much fun to read my girls’ lists, I just had to make one of my own. It is darn hard to come up with 101 things though! I didn’t realize it would be this challenging… But here we go…

I have categorized the list best I could, though some goals might fit into a couple of categories. As I accomplish the goals I’ll highlight them like this.

 Personal Enrichment/Love

1. Read 2 books a month for a year.
2. Write here in this blog at least 3x/week for 3 months.
3. Work my way all the way through Wealth Beyond Reason’s law of attraction stuff.
4. Meditate for 10 minutes 3x/week for a month.
5. Complete at least one 365 day photo challenge (maybe a 2nd one too, personal).
6. Write book reviews for each book I read in #1 and publish on this blog.
7. Post 10 tutorials on this blog on how to do something.
8. Attract 100 followers to this blog.
9. Attend the annual Boise Shakespeare Festival.
10. Participate in a scooter rally.
11. Take some sort of ballroom dance lesson… maybe salsa?
12. Get a massage.
13. Perform 1 random act of kindness a week for at least 3 months straight (anonymous or unexpected).
14. Keep a gratitude journal where I record at least 3 different things I am grateful for each day, for 6 months straight.
15. Call or email my siblings at least once a month.
16. Take a real vacation with my husband, outside Idaho.
17. Send 101 cards from SendOutCards to people just because (in addition to birthdays & holidays).
18. Convert the videos of my kids as children to DVD and gift them.
19. Scan & archive all my old photos.
20. Make time to play cards or Mexican train with Mom at least 2x/month. (No longer possible; my mother passed away on 11/9/2011.)
21. Take down our wedding site & download it to DVD.
22. Read all the Harry Potter books & watch all of the movies.
23. Buy a GoGo Gear scooter jacket.


24. Pay off all our debt other than the mortgage.
25. Save $1000.
26. Pay all my bills on time or early for a whole year.

Food & Drink

27. Learn to make good frozen yogurt & ice cream with my freezer.
28. Try 5 savory oatmeal recipes. (1 done so far; made it several times!)
29. Make my own hummus.
30. Try 5 new recipes a month for a year & blog about them on my Thrown Together Meals site.
31. Try 20 new craft beers. (5/20)
32. Try 5 new foods I’ve never had before.
33. Eat at 20 new restaurants in Idaho. (1/20)
34. Go meatless 1 day a week for 3 straight months.

Creativity & Crafting

35. Learn 5 new crafting techniques. (1/5)
36. Organize my sewing equipment & set up a place to sew in the house. (In process; to be done by year end)
37. Create a photo book from my 365 day challenges.
38. Make the USA scrap map from See Kate Sew.
39. Create at least 10 new WordPress themes and sell each one at least once online.
40. Make all my Christmas gifts one year. (In process currently)
41. Try making a scooter seat cover.
42. Find something to sell on Etsy. (Working on an idea; will launch in January 2012)
43. Finish all my in-process quilts.
44. Re-take Quilt Connections long-arm quilting class
45. Quilt all my finished quilts.

Adventure & Travel

46. Ride in a hot air balloon.
47. See 4 new national parks.
48. Buy an RV and travel up & down the Rockies during 6 weeks one summer.
49. Go camping at least 6 weekends a year.
50. Participate in a family reunion at Acadia NP.
51. Go backpacking for at least 7 days in a row.
52. See an SU basketball game in person again (in Syracuse’s Carrier Dome).
53. Visit a new country I have never been to.
54. Take Jim to Scotland and Ireland for a visit.
55. See the Northern Lights.
56. Go to Alaska.
57. Go skydiving.
58. Go hanggliding.
59. Compete in the Amazing Race with somebody. :)
60. Hike to Sawtooth Lake.
61. Learn to fly fish.
62. Go to the Boise horse races.
63. Attend an SBI Conference.
64. Visit Seattle & Portland.

Health & Fitness

65. Lose 25 pounds and keep it off for more than a year.
66. Do yoga every day for a month.
67. Workout 5 days a week (in addition to yoga) for at least 3 months.
68. Compete in the Dirty Dash obstacle race.
69. Give up all artificially sweetened soft drinks for good.
70. Lower my cholesterol to a healthy level via nutrition & exercise only.
71. Complete the 100 pushups challenge.
72. Complete the 100 squats challenge.
73. Complete the 200 situps challenge.
74. Take a Group Power class weekly for 3 months (or do weight training upstairs at the Y).
75. Drink 3 mugs or glasses of green tea a day every day for 3 months.
76. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for 2 weeks in a row.
77. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night for a whole week.
78. Take a spin class.

Home & Yard

79. Lay a flagstone path from our deck to the back gate.
80. Paint my living room “accent” wall. (Got the paint; will do by year end!)
81. Finish staining the brick on the front of the house.
82. Hang all my paintings, pictures and quilts on the walls of my home.
83. Organize and clean out the garage.
84. Sell Mom’s storage unit stuff.
85. Slipcover Mom’s old couch and my office wingback chair.
86. File papers away once a week & keep office in order for 3 whole months.
87. Get the fireplace cleaned and make a fire in it.


88. Increase my income to at least $100K per year.
89. Get licensed as a Zumba instructor & teach at least one class on my own.
90. Write an ebook and publish it as a Kindle book on Amazon.
91. Start the Healthy Living website Jim & I have talked about.
92. Interview 20 experts for my various website & publish the interviews.
93. Earn $250 in Amazon commissions in a month.
94. Give up my HealthCentral freelance writing job.
95. Run 20 successful photo contests on my websites.
96. Achieve $10K income in a single month.
97. Add at least 2 new income streams to each website.
98. Review 20 new  cookbooks for Thrown Together Meals.
99. Build a FB page for Jim’s Zumba business.
100. Become proficient in working in php code and using WordPress programming.

101. By the time this list is done, make a new list of 101 new goals.

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  2. Ms Alex says:

    Genuinely interesting list, I look forward to seeing how you do!

  3. Kathi says:

    Thanks, Alex. Working on updating my list as I speak… :)

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