December 24th, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Family Christmas Portrait

Family Christmas Portrait

For my readers who celebrate it… here’s wishing you a wonderfully merry and joyous Christmas season! Here’s my pic of the day… my three furry children. I have a cat too, but no way would she ever pose with the doggies! :)

I envisioned this shot and didn’t think I’d ever get it… but here it is.

Although I am missing my loved ones this year… both those who live far away and those who have gone on to better pastures, I am feeling the Christmas spirit and some joy. Zumba and the love of our Z family and friends helped, as did the pure pleasure to dance. But also, I just love Christmas.

So me and my honey will be chilling tonight, maybe watching some White Christmas or Love Actually… chowing down on crockpot chili and looking forward to connecting with loved ones tomorrow.

Hope you do the same. See you after the holiday!

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