October 23rd, 2011

Sweet Scallops Tote Bag – A DIY Craft Project

My daughter Jenn recently blogged about a craft project she participated in that produced a super cute scalloped tote bag. She said it was easy and she did it in a day, so that intrigued me and I decided to participate in the Sew-a-long too! It’s from a blog called See Kate Sew, and the blog is definitely a fun read, plus she has tons of projects with step by step instructions.

I didn’t have time (or the money) to run to the store again for more fabric, since I had just been there to get the stuff for the laptop purse I’m about to make, so I just headed out to a small fabric stash I knew I had in my garage and luckily found a few fabrics I thought would work together for the scallops. But what to use for the main bag and straps? It needed to be a slightly heavier fabric than calico cotton, in order to give the bag some body.

Spying some garbage bags of clothing, waiting for a trip to the local Goodwill drop off, I got inspired. First I pulled out a pair of jeans, which might have worked, but then I found these brown paisley pants (what was I thinking when I bought those?) and thought they’d be perfect. So I ripped out the side seams and had enough fabric to use for the bag and straps. Sweet!

Scalloped tote bag

Full-length view of the scalloped tote bag


sweet scallops tote bag

Sweet scallops tote bag


scallops closeup

Close up view of the scallops


tote bag closeup

A closeup of the paisley pants fabric for the bag/straps


The lining fabric for the sweet scallops tote bag

The lining fabric

To be perfectly honest, I’m not really a fan of my finished product. It’s not Kate’s fault… it’s a great project, and if I’d been willing to shop for a better collection of fabrics at Joann’s or at my main fabric stash, which is currently located in a storage unit a mile from my house, it might have turned out prettier. Still, I showed it to my Mom and she loved it! So who knows? :)

Here’s the link to the SeeKateSew sew-a-long, which by the way is celebrating her blog’s birthday:

P.S. I liked this project so much, I started poking around to see what else she had and found a super cute “Little Button Pouch Tutorial“. It was so easy and produced this great little pouch, which I’m using to carry tea bags in my purse. Thanks, Kate!

Little Button Pouch

My Little Button Pouch Tea Bag Holder

5 responses to “Sweet Scallops Tote Bag – A DIY Craft Project”

  1. kate says:

    This is great! Wonderful job! I think your bag looks good, even if you don’t love the fabrics! Love the little button pouch, too. Thanks so much for sewing along!

  2. Your bag turned out cute. Sorry you’re not completely happy with it.

  3. Kathi says:

    Thanks, Kate & Jenn! I think the main problem was in putting brown and blues together. I know interior designers love that combo; I never have. Don’t know why I went that direction then. Love the pattern though!

    Thanks for getting me interested, Jenn. :)

  4. sarah says:

    So why do you carry tea bags in your purse?

  5. Kathi says:

    Well, I never have before, but I read of the idea on SeeKateSew and thought it was a good idea for my upcoming trip to Austin. I’m trying to drink 3 mugs of green tea a day for health purposes and didn’t want to fall behind on the plane. Also trying to give up soda, so instead of getting a soda, I’ll just ask for hot water!

    After the trip, maybe I’ll use the little bag for something else…

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