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December 24th, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Family Christmas Portrait

Family Christmas Portrait

For my readers who celebrate it… here’s wishing you a wonderfully merry and joyous Christmas season! Here’s my pic of the day… my three furry children. I have a cat too, but no way would she ever pose with the doggies! :)

I envisioned this shot and didn’t think I’d ever get it… but here it is.

Although I am missing my loved ones this year… both those who live far away and those who have gone on to better pastures, I am feeling the Christmas spirit and some joy. Zumba and the love of our Z family and friends helped, as did the pure pleasure to dance. But also, I just love Christmas.

So me and my honey will be chilling tonight, maybe watching some White Christmas or Love Actually… chowing down on crockpot chili and looking forward to connecting with loved ones tomorrow.

Hope you do the same. See you after the holiday!

October 14th, 2011

Thrill the World Boise 2011 – I Am SO In!

Thrill the World Boise 2011

Thrill the World Boise 2010

Of course, you’ve heard of the Michael Jackson megahit, Thriller. And you’ve seen the video… and the zombie dance. Well, every October, a group in Boise holds a flashmob type event in the Boise Grove plaza where volunteers perform the dance from Thriller, dressed as zombies. It’s part of the worldwide Thrill the World event.

This year, I’m going to participate!

A friend of mine put out the invitation and my husband and I decided it would be fun. Seems there are quite a few of us Zumba zombies on board. It’ll be on October 29th, and hopefully there will be video I can post here later on of our own performance.

They are holding a number of in-person practices plus you can watch the video and download the choreography online to get ready. Here I come!

Here is a video of last year’s Boise Thrill the World event, just so you can see what I’m getting myself into:


October 9th, 2011

I Love to Dance!

Dance = Joy, Freedom, Friends

Dance = Joy, Freedom, Friends

I have always loved to dance… all my life. I love dance for what it brings into my life… joy, fitness, creative expression, and outlet for emotions, both good and bad, and freedom too. Dance is an important part of my life and my relationships as well.

As a child, I took dancing lessons… a bit of a late bloomer; didn’t start till I was in the 6th grade. I took jazz, ballet, tap and acrobatic lessons. Another girl my age was in all the classes with me and we got selected to appear on a local TV show, Skipper Sam that aired cartoons and showcased local “talent”. We did an acrobatic routine to a Herb Alpert chacha. The best part was all the candy we got as a reward from the show!

As I grew up, I danced whenever I got the opportunity, though the weekly lessons stopped. I went to tons of dances while in college and even took up disco with my first (to be) husband. We continued to dance throughout our marriage, taking both disco and line dance lessons.

When my children were very small, I fell into Jacki Sorenson’s aerobic dancing. It was pretty new at the time and a big craze. This was in the early to mid-80s when Jane Fonda was such an exercise maven. I loved the dancing during those classes… and it was fitness-oriented too, which was great.

Then I went through a bit of a dry spell after divorcing. I may have danced with my daughters in our house, but that was about it until the mid to late 90s when we went a few times to a new country place that taught line dancing, which I found intriguing, but never really pursued. But in 1998, I met my second husband and he was a country dancing addict. A match made in heaven! For 5 years, we danced together 3 or 4 nights a week… line dancing, two-step, country shuffle… even a bit of swing. We had a great time, but then we moved out west where you might think country dancing would flourish since it is the home of much country western music.

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