August 1st, 2011

About Me

Me, Kathi MacNaughton and my beautiful grandson, Sam

Me, Kathi MacNaughton and my beautiful grandson, Sam

Hi there… gosh, I’ve written so many of these kinds of pages over the years, and it never really gets any easier for someone who’s shy and modest like me. Hard to go on and on about yourself. But if you don’t, people can’t really get to know you, and if they can’t connect with you, they might not stay around that long. Especially on a blog like this one. Right?

So, here I go to (hopefully) not bore you with the story of “me”. My name is Kathi MacNaughton and I’m in my mid-50s. I’m married (for the second time) and have two wonderful grown daughters, age 30 (almost) and 27. And as of August 2011, I also have a beautiful little grandson! That’s him on the left…

I hail from western NY, but spent 30 years in southern NJ near Philadelphia and then moved west with the love of my life in 2005. We moved out here because we love the mountains, and though we didn’t end up where we’d originally planned to live, we do love it here in Boise, Idaho, nestled as a green oasis in the high desert among foothills that lead to big mountains, Ponderosa Pine forests and serene and sparkling mountain lakes. That’s important to me, because I love the outdoors… hiking, camping, biking… and adventures of all sorts.

I am a woman of contrasts though, because as much as I love all that is natural, I am also a total tech geek. I love all things tech. I couldn’t live without my computer, love digital everything… music, TV, books… and have quite a few devices, ranging from my treasured iPhone to my Kindle. I think this world wide web is one of the greatest inventions of all time. I love that I can find the answers to any question or issue I might have within minutes. I love that I can keep in touch with old, far away friends, my family and new friends too via digital mediums like mobile phones, instant messaging, and yes, even Facebook. Modern technology is wonderful!

I am also committed to healthy nutrition and fitness as a way to stay young and prevent health issues. I have waged a battle with weight the last few years, but have lost 30 pounds and on my way to losing that last 20! Meanwhile, I can keep pace with those much younger than me. My biggest love in the fitness arena is Zumba, a Latin hip hop dance form that feels more like a party than working out… yet burns 500 or more calories in an hour! I’ll blog more about Zumba in the future, but just know how much I love it and how it has changed my life for the better over the past 2 years.

I also love my family and friends. I married the love of my life in June 2009, but we’d been together for more than a decade before that. He is my best friend, a loving husband, my most devoted cheerleader/fellow dreamer and a wonderful life partner and activity companion. He brought love, laughter and more back into my world after a decade of being divorced. So yes, I went through a divorce back in the 90s that I had never anticipated, and it was horrendous, but… the marriage produced my two most wonderful assets in life… my daughters.

Words cannot express how much I love my girls, Sarah and Jenn. I am so proud of the young women they have grown up to be and we remain close friends, even though they live over a thousand miles away in Austin, Texas (my biggest reason for loving technology!) Both graduated from college, but chose to go different directions than what their college degrees might have indicated. Jenn is now a pastry chef extraordinaire and Sarah is on a quest to become a nurse. Jenn, my youngest, also got married in October 2010 and went on to produce that adorable little baby in the pic above… Samuel Milo Hunt, born in August 2011… he’s actually 2 months old on the day I am writing this!

The Professional Me

So that was a lot of info about the personal me, but who am I professionally? Well, I dreamed all my life of being a nurse… and I became one! I worked in the hospital for a  year and then had a career in home health care for almost 20 years, progressing through the ranks to director of clinical services. I loved my last job… until things changed with the political climate and I had to leave, for my own sanity. I dabbled in technical writing, but it wasn’t interesting enough for me, so I eventually segued into a health care writing job for a company that did online health education for consumers. Loved it! But then, again things changed… and I took a flying leap into the unknown to become an independent contractor/consultant. Did I mention I am also a risk taker? :)

My specialty is writing about asthma and allergies, but I’ve written about many other health topics as well, for a variety of companies. I was the Asthma Guide on for a couple of years, but for the past 3 or 4, I’ve been writing for on asthma, allergies and COPD. Besides my nursing background, I also have experience with asthma (mild) and allergies (severe). My COPD experience is as a caregiver for my mother, who lives with me and is in the end stages of emphysema, unfortunately.

So, as you can see, I was able to combine my love for technology with my nursing degree and experience… but it wasn’t enough for me. I have dreamed all my life of being in business for myself. I tried out a number of different home business ideas, but they all fizzled until I got turned onto the idea of an online business way back in the late 90s. It started with a guy called Cory Rudl and moved on, big time, to a guy named Ken Evoy and his SBI! products.

I now am the proud owner and webmaster of a number of successful websites, on a wide variety of topics that interest me. I’ll tell you more about them as time goes on. And I have found my passion and life purpose! I love creating content-based websites, and I’m good at it too. One day soon, I hope to leave the health writing behind and just do the website thing forever.

A Few More Personal Details

My two office assistants, Gizmo and Sunshine

My two office assistants, Gizmo and Sunshine

I am also an animal lover. I own 3 dogs, my most precious Boston terrier, Gizmo, a black lab, Cheyenne, that we rescued in Kamiah, ID who wants nothing more than love (and food, preferably bread products) and my mom’s shih tzu, Molly, who is 10 pounds of bossiness and annoying habits. But that wasn’t enough for me, oh no. When I discovered I was no longer allergic to cats, I had to have my own office kitty too. She’s a rescue, probably old, and her name is Sunshine. You can see in that picture over the right how much Gizmo and Sunshine like to help me on the computer! :)

I am also a highly creative person. I’ll never be draw well or do anything musical, but I have learned to express my creativity in many other ways that I’ll reveal in more detail on this blog as time goes on. My first big creative outlet was in sewing. I have made many clothes, but in the early 90s, I discovered quilting. That love is only second to my love of online pursuits!

I can be crafty in many ways, I make jewelry on occasion and my creativity also comes out in my web design. In fact, that’s one of the best parts of creating websites for me.

Finally, I am a sports lover… more as a spectator than a participant (other than fitness kinds of sports). I graduated from Syracuse University (as did my daughter, Jenn) and I will be forever an Orange lover, especially when it comes to basketball, my very favorite sport of all time. Now that we live in Boise, we have also joined Bronco nation and support all the major sports here, including their famed football team, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, wrestling and gymnastics.

Oh, and one more thing… I LOVE to travel and discover new places. It hasn’t happened much the past few years since I became a caregiver for my mom, but I’m looking forward to pursuing this passion more in the future. Meanwhile, I dream…

My Personal Philosophy

OK, now that I’ve written a book about myself (I am a half century old+, you know!), let me close with a few words about my personal philosophy of life. First off, I want to live forever! I don’t subscribe to the theory that once you hit your 50s, you’re on a slow slide towards death. I am living my life with joy, hope and a zest for every day! I believe if you live healthy, there is no reason you can’t live a long, high quality life.

I am always in search of self-growth. I read a lot of self help books, practice EFT and meditation, believe in the  law of attraction and avoid negativity like the plague. Luckily, my hubby Jim is of the same mind. Though we got married in our middle  years, we have every intention of celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary one day!

I’m sure my philosophies will come out in my future posts, but for now, that’s me in a nutshell. :)

Thanks for reading all this,
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